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Fund Description

The Nautilus Fund runs automated algorithms on the CFD markets for currencies, gold, & silver and indices. Yet, the same strategies might be applied to other markets like options, stocks, crypto or similar.

The advanced software makes the funds appetite a very conservative one, but with higher potential annual yields than a normal conservative investment strategy.

Developed with stability in mind, the strategies comprise of 2 different and separate modules. While the first and main module analyses the markets for movements using more than 200 indicators.

Quantum principles are applied when selecting trade opening times, which also implies that software also opens both short and long positions simultaneously, and separately manages these.

Even though the algroithms can guide the trade with mathematical formulas to profit, a range of security features were implemented to account for unforeseen circumstances. This makes the software reduntant and conservative.

The second module is the fail-safe mechanism. Always of standby, intended never to be activated, but alert in case of massive market movements or technical failures. It can intervene in running algroithms to take over and guide rogue situations to safety.

The fund run on leveraged markets to ensure a safe margin requirement underpinning the capital.

35% target annual return
EURO Share class
Open ended duration
Weekly liquidity
Multiple assets and Currency pairs
CISX Listing exchange