Conservative strategy with a long track record

The Nautilus Fund runs automated algorithms on the CFD markets for currencies, gold & silver and indices.

The advanced software makes the fund's appetite a very conservative one, but with higher potential annual yields than a regular conservative investment strategy.

Intelligent money managent

Opening trades relies on more than 120 indicators. Closing trades enhances the same indicators with money management strategies.

Built-in secure measures

Not only is the algorithm itself very robust and mathematically stable, measures have also taken to counteract improbable occurrences such as technical issues or extreme market conditions.

Private placement

Private placement offering qualified eligible investors only.

Track record

We have a proven track record of 5 years on the trading strategies.

A 99,99% accuracy on back-test results comparison and a robust live setup.

Team & partners

All team members and partners involved are industry giants or experts in their field.

Automated algorithm

The trading algorithm runs fully automated and it is optimised for live market conditions, taking into consideration all market participants.

Fail-safe mechanics

Main algorithms have built-in security measures for any market situation. To strengthen this, a back-up algorithm will intervene when necessary, which is probably never.


Advanced online reporting tools are made available for every single client.

The strategy

A brief technical insight

The trading algorithms of the Nautilus Unity fund were developed in 2014 as a very stable and robust trading robot. In recent years, there have been many upgrades to improve stability. Moreover, a major upgrade was released in 2018 to cope with unforeseen irregularities in trading markets.

Nautilus Unity is optimised for trading on the forex market. With some small adjustments, trades in any volume can heave the trading market.
The main body software continuously monitors the market currency price and detects over 120 patterns emerging in the price movements.

It has a very high accuracy rate for opening winning trades. But more importantly, it uses the same sophisticated pattern recognition in conjunction with the money management modules to handle opened trades which price are moving the other way.
This module stays dormant, preferably forever, and will activate itself when necessary. When trading conditions move outside the pre-set configurations, meaning something went wrong at some stage of the trade execution, it will automatically assess the open situation. It will then take over the necessary open trades almost like a lifeboat.

Alternatively, this module can be activated to reduce drawdown when restrictions have been put on trading conditions, due to extreme market moves or major news events. Although virtually never used, it’s good to know the backup is there, popping up when you need it.

Currently, the algorithms trade on Spot forex markets and indices. The most commonly traded currency pairs are: